Ubuntu Pedagogy: Becoming An Ubuntu Responsive Educator


Ubuntu pedagogy promotes a humanizing classroom environment where every child can learn to their maximum potential. Ubuntu pedagogy is anchored by six components that humanize the teaching and learning process. The six pedagogical strategies of Ubuntu pedagogy are:

  • Understanding of self.
  • Building relationships and setting boundaries.
  • Unifying the children to work together.
  • Nurturing the minds of the children.
  • Teaching from a position of love and care.
  • Utilizing evidence-based practices to meet the diverse needs of all students.


Written by Dr. Alecia Blackwood.

The book provides an overview of a teacher’s journey from the USA to Southern Africa, seeking to understand what it means to teach in the spirit of ubuntu. Through an ethnographic study of the teacher’s lived experiences, the author unpacks what ubuntu means in the context of education while showing how the process of cultivating one’s humanity is anchored in transformative learning.

The author explores the ubuntu pedagogy framework and provides an overview of how educators cultivate their cultural competence for teaching. Furthermore, the author offers practical examples that capture the different pedagogical moves when demonstrating an ubuntu-oriented teaching style that affirms and dignifies all learners.

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